traditional czech dishes


fried cheese



Sirloin steak served with a sauce made of root vegetables and heavy cream. Topped with spices, and usually served with dumplings.

Breaded and deep fried cheese. Often served with tartar sauce and fries. A favorite of picky eaters!

A thick stew made with chunks of beef, onion, and spices. Usually served with dumplings.

Round pastry made from yeast dough and a sweet filling of fruit, poppy seeds, or cream cheese.

restaurant reccomendations



Cafeteria style restaurant offering a cheap and convenient Czech food in the city center. 

havelska korona

Another good traditional Czech restaurant right in the center. Here you can easily find just about any popular Czech dish. The guláš in a bread bowl is a nice choice.

kozlovna apropos

Authentic Czech restaurant with good prices conveniently located near the meeting point for tours. Great for a good meal and a beer. Servers can be a bit abrasive.

u rudolfina

A classic beer hall in Mala Strana where you might catch some politicians enjoying traditional Czech cuisine during weekday lunch.

u hrocha

A really fun, lively restaurant. Long tables and always people playing the accordion and other instruments. Traditional Czech food and they bring around big trays of beers and shots so you can take as much as you like. Good place to try medovina (honey wine).

u fleků

This very popular Communist-era pub serves traditional Czech dishes and excellent beer. Here they have the best fried cheese in town and also excellent beef tartare. Several locations throughout Prague but my favorites are Lokál Dlouhá and Lokál U Bílé Kuželky.




A little outside of the center, but definitely worth a visit. Innovative menu and locations in two trendy neighborhoods of Prague.

kro kitchen

Quality, fresh, and tasty sushi in the heart of Prague. Generous portion sizes and a wide good with a great range of choices.

yami sushi

Excellent authentic Indian restaurant in the city center. 

indian jewel

Italian restaurant serving Neopolitan style pizza, pasta, and lots of options for dessert. All you can eat and a la carte options. They also have a play area for kids.

pizza nuova

Great spot for a tasty, quick and affordable bite to eat. Here they serve chlebíčky (Czech open faced sandwiches) on one side and desserts on the other.


Very popular butcher shop serving delicious burgers and sandwiches. Limited seating inside, but easy to eat as a lunch on the go.

naše maso



 Serving over 50 different hot chocolates from all over the world, if you love chocolate then this is the place for you! 

choco café

Nestled right by the Lennon wall this café boasts a cozy library-like interior, as well as some outdoor seating by the river and a nearby park.

bella vida café

Extravagantly decorated cafe visited by both Franz Kafka and Albert Einstein. They serve traditional Czech food and of course have a nice selection of drinks and pastries as well. There is even a billiards room where you can rent a table by the hour.

café louvre

Cafe with a nice view of the river and excellent food, drinks, and pastries. One of my favorite brunch locations in town but also good for a coffee, snack, or even a small dinner.

smetana Q

dietary restrictions

dietary restrictions

Halal Arabic restaurant in the city center. Excellent food, atmosphere, and prices.

jaffa restaurant (Halal)

Dedicated gluten-free bakery and pizza spot with lactose-free choices too. My celiac friend swears it's the best gluten-free pizza she's ever tasted.

bassotto (gluten free)

Delicious burger restaurant with gluten free bun options.

meat and greet (gluten free)

All-day brunch and lunch including many gluten-free options including gluten free bread. Features locally-sourced meat and veggies and grass-fed eggs. Vegan options also available.

venue (gluten free)

highly rated vegan cafe with an early open time. Good option for breakfast.

palo verde (vegan)

Fully vegan restaurant open for dinner Thrusday-Sunday. They serve vegan adaptations of traditional Czech dishes. A little outside of the city center by in a nice to explore neighborhood.

Shromaždiště (vegan)

Another great fully vegetarian restaurant that includes some vegan options too. Here they serve traditional Czech dishes adapted to be meatless and other dishes from all over the world as well.

maitrea (vegetarian)

Here they serve vegan versions of the traditional Czech koláč (open faced pastry with cream cheese and fruit or poppy seed filling).

kolacherie (vegetarian)

Vegetarian restaurant with lots of vegan options as well. Broad menu with vegetarian version of authentic Czech dishes and also a variety of non-Czech options.

lehká hlava (vegetarian)

Good kosher food and coffee made with vegetable milk.

5th district restaurant- king solomon's (kosher)

Kosher restaurant with good pizza and milkshakes. They also serve breakfast here.

u-milo (kosher)

Dairy free kosher restaurant. Rated well among other kosher options. They also have sandwiches you can take to-go and a kids menu.

The habad (kosher)

Halal Arabic restaurant in the city center. Excellent food, atmosphere, and prices.

restaurant Golem (kosher)