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Discover the best of Prague with this list. Don't miss underrated attractions and create unforgettable memories with fun-filled activities!

top tourist attractions

top tourist attractions

top tourist attractions

top tourist attractions

Visit the grand fortress, one of the largest ancient castles in the world, featuring several museums including St. Vitus Cathedral with intricate Gothic architecture and stunning stained glass windows, the Old Royal Palace, the Golden Lane, and the Basilica of St. George. And don't miss the breathtaking view of the city from the castle's ramparts.

charles bridge

Stroll across the pedestrian bridge spanning the Vltava river with street performers, artists, and vendors selling all kinds of goodies. From the bridge, enjoy views of the Prague Castle on one side and the charming Old Town on the other. Touch the statue of St. John of Nepomuk for good luck while you're there!

dancing house

The Dancing House is a unique piece of architecture with its curvy shape and modern design resembling a pair of ballroom dancers. Enjoy the architectural masterpiece from the street, or have a drink at the rooftop bar.

jewish quarter

Explore Prague's Jewish Quarter, also known as Josefov, with its complex and fascinating history. Visit the Old Jewish Cemetery and be transported back in time, surrounded by the history and heritage of the Jewish people in Prague.

petrin hill

Petrin Hill is a green oasis in the heart of Prague with walking trails, gardens, and a beautiful rose garden. Climb the Petrin Tower or take the funicular to the top of the hill for stunning views of the city.

wenceslaus square

Wenceslaus Square is a vibrant and bustling square with shops, restaurants, nightlife, and the National Museum, filled with art and artifacts. Enjoy people-watching and soaking up the energy of the city.

kafka's head

Check out the awe-inspiring, eleven-meter-tall statue of Franz Kafka. Created by artist David Cerny, the modern masterpiece is made up of 42 moving panels forming the author's face. Witness the mesmerizing display 'Metamorphosis' where the panels shift and change, revealing new perspectives on Kafka's work.

prague castle

lesser known gems

lesser known gems

narrowest street in prague

Squeeze into Prague's narrowest street, a one-person-at-a-time affair with traffic lights at each end.

basilica of st. james

Visit a church with a mummified arm of a thief on display, said to be cursed as punishment. A chilling and fascinating experience for those who enjoy a scare.

olsany cemetary

Wander among famous gravestones at Olsany Cemetery, the final resting place of figures such as Franz Kafka and Jan Palach.

national baroque library

Step into a world of wonder at the National Baroque Library. This stunning and opulent library is like something out of a fairy tale, with its ornate architecture and intricate detailing. The library is home to thousands of rare and ancient books, making it a must-visit for bibliophiles and history buffs alike.

prague municipal library

This massive and modern library boasts an infinite book tunnel, and is just across the street from the National Baroque Library.

havlíčkovy sady

Head to Havlickovy Sady, a beautiful and peaceful park to escape the chaos of Prague and enjoy stunning city views.

thunkovska street

Explore Mala Strana starting with Thunovka Street, also known as the Yellow Street. Some say that the ghost of Salieri, an Italian composer, haunts the area. Keep your eyes peeled for any spectral visitors!

jubilee synagogue

Come and admire the stunning architecture of the Jubilee Synagogue. This beautiful and ornate synagogue is a masterpiece of design, with its intricate details and striking facade. The synagogue is a place of worship and a must-visit for anyone who appreciates art and architecture.

lennon wall

The Lennon Wall in Prague is a colorful wall in the Mala Strana district covered in graffiti and messages of peace dedicated to John Lennon. Originally a form of peaceful protest against the communist regime, it is now a popular tourist attraction and symbol of free expression and hope.



bike through stromovka park

Explore Stomovka park by renting a bike from a nearby rack or using the Rekola app. Discover hidden gems like ponds, playgrounds, and picnic spots, and continue on to Letna park for even more sights.

Escape the alchemist's chamber

Test your skills as a master magician in the MindMaze escape room, where you'll search for the sorcerer's stone with crazy puzzles to solve.


Witness glass craft masters at Pragl and try your hand at blowing your own piece of glass. Enjoy a specially made beer in one of their original glasses.

kgb museum

Experience a one-of-a-kind collection with unusual and fascinating artifacts, such as Lenin's death mask, the weapon used to murder Trotsky, and KGB laboratory equipment.

national theatre

The National Theatre is a stunning historical building that offers world-class Opera, Drama, and Ballet performances.

Střelecký Ostrov Island

Enjoy city views, a playground for kids, and watch the swans, ducks, and nutria that call this island home. Get ready to snap some adorable photos and don't miss out on this island adventure!

fun for kids

fun for kids

prague zoo

The Prague Zoo has over 5000 animals from all over the world. See your favorite animals first as the place is massive.

national marionette theater

The National Marionette Theater offers a unique puppetry experience with classic fairy tales and Czech legends.

hamleys toy store

This awesome toy store has techy and classic toys, friendly bear mascots, and a snake slide, tree house, and racing cars. Check out the Papillon Butterfly House too.

kingdom of railways

The Railway Kingdom is a miniature world with dozens of model trains passing by miniature cars and Czech landmarks. The interactive model of Prague is at a 1:1000 scale.

museum of senses

The Museum of Senses is an interactive museum that explores the five senses through optical illusions and tactile exhibits.

image black light theater

IMAGE Black Light Theater uses black light and neon colors to create mesmerizing performances with acrobatics and dance..

artpark at rudolfinum

Experience ever-changing exhibitions of interactive art and enjoy a packed calendar of events like artist talks, public readings, and live music performances, all for FREE!

museum of alchemists

Uncover the secrets of alchemists like Rudolf II, Doctor Faustus, and Žit at this exhibition. There is also a bar here where children (and adults!) can drink bubbling potions out of beakers.

railway restaurant